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I haven't said much about the Referendum here because a) this is a source of amazing ROCK content, not ASTOUNDING political analysis and also b) goodness knows there were enough people going on about it. I was hoping today would be "GOOD that's that over with let's never discuss it again" DAY but instead it seems to be "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHH!!! WHAAAAAT?" day instead.

Normally in these sort of situations I would spring straight to OPTIMISM but this morning I thought I'd make an exception. "TOMORROW I'll look on the bright side", I thought, "today I will just stare blankly at computer screens, shaking my head and resisting the urge to throw chairs through windows/set fire to national landmarks".

With that in mind I did consider changing my ORIGINAL plan for the day, which was to email everybody on the newsletter subscription list with the offer of buying our new album EARLY. "Nobody will want to think about ROCK today" I said to myself. "It would be stupid to even MENTION it."

HOWEVER after further thought I realised that I had PROMISED to UNLEASH the album today, and maybe some people WOULD be up for a cheering purchase, so I sent out the email, not expecting anything to happen. How wrong I was! For LO! my inbox gently filled with a steady stream of people making the purchase and, as this is a mailing list I've had on the go for over a DECADE, nearly all of the names were very familiar to me. Some were people I'd met (often) in real life, others were names and addresses I've written out MANY times over the years, and it was truly lovely to see them again. I gave out actual miniature WHOOPS when familiar names appeared, it was bloody GRATE!

The next task will be to pack them all up and get them into the post, which shall be my grand task tomorrow. If you've ordered one already thank you VERY much for doing so - it's cheered me RIGHT up - and if you're not on the mailing list then FEAR NOT, your time will come a week on Monday, the fourth of July!

posted 24/6/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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