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Blog: Beneath The Surface, Frantic Action

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I don't seem to have blogged here much this week, for which many apologies - nobody has actually COMPLAINED but I'm sure you were all just being polite!

The reason for this lack of communication is that, after the EXPLOITS of The Summer Of ROCK things have quietened down a bit, at least on the surface. Much like a SWAN who is late for a meeting with its Supervisor, however, underneath this image there has been ACTION.

For LO! the next stage of the Still Valid Promotional Campaign is going to be a whole HEAP of videos, THREE (3) of which are in progress as we speak. As mentioned elsewhere, I FILMED the basics for We Did It Anyway while I was in Leicester, but have instead been concentrating on (You Make Me Feel) Soft Rock as a) it is a bigger job b) I was rather enjoying it. The PLAN is to do it as a live action/animation HYBRID, with me doing a SORT OF Roobarb And Custard animation, basically in MSPAINT. What I've done so far looks GRATE, but it's taking ages!!

With that in mind I have brought forward the THIRD planned video, for The 1980s How It Was. This song was partly inspired by Chris Porsz's book New England, which features AMAZING photographs of Peterborough in the 1980s that look EXACTLY how I remember it. I got in touch with Chris a few weeks ago and he very kindly agreed to let us USE some of his pictures to make a video with. I've thus spent the past few nights trying to choose which photographs fit best with which lines in the song. It's a LOVELY thing to do, even if it's sometimes hard to pick just one, and a LOT quicker than trying to draw animation, so hopefully that'll be out quite soon!

There are vague plans for OTHER videos - Tim is very keen on us doing one for Burn It Down And Start Again, for instance - but I'm ALWAYS open to some of the more OLD FASHIONED avenues of promotion like GIGS and AIRPLAY, so as ever, if anyone has any IDEAS or OFFERS in that direction, they would be very much appreciated. We're really proud of this here album, we want to FOIST it onto as many new people as we can!

posted 12/8/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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