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Blog: Art And Terry's Tears

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The first weekend of The Working Year is always a funny one - it's like a return to the GLORY DAYS of Not Going To Work that was Christmas, but sadly tainted with the realisation that it's only two days rather than a WEEK before it all begins again.

THUS it is vital to fill it with FUN STUFF, and that is exactly what went down chez MOI. It started off with some ART on Friday night when we watched a live stream from of a Mira Calix curated event at Warp Records. It was a succession of DJs and Artists and Performers doing their thing in... well, in the ladies' loos, as you can see here:

FULL DISCLOSURE: we were watching it mainly for The Artist Tom Smith (AKA my brother), who was ACE - he told a story about some ART wot he made which, as well as being dead good, also CLEARLY AND OPENLY stated that one of his brothers (i.e. ME) had MUCH COOLER MUSIC TASTE than his other brother (i.e. Mr J Hibbett, who was also watching elsewhere). This makes it, I think, worthy of a TURNER PRIZE. Also he quoted The Lesson Of The Smiths which was GRATE!

Saturday was a flurry of ACHIEVEMENTS, jobs TICKED and people VISITED which included a trip to the The Red Lion in Leytonstone (which is ACE) and ended with us watching "The Blues Brothers" which I hadn't seen for approx 30 years and which The Groove In My Moves had NEVER seen! I was very happy to find that it is still EXCELLENT and has even MORE fantastic musical interludes than I remembered. Also, as with ALL films from this time, I was amazed by how SLOWLY it all moved. There's huge SWATHES of time spent just LOOKING at things CALMLY, it was all rather relaxing.

And then Sunday was a day I had been looking forward to IMMENSELY, for LO! it was the day of Peterborough United's trip to Chelsea. Like a twit I had forgotten the day that tickets had gone on sale, so did not GET one, and was thus forced to search for STREAMS online. I eventually found one that was being compered by a Mildly Grumpy American, but half an hour into the game the stream STOPPED. PANIC ensued - I think Posh were down 2-0 at this point so, obviously, I COULD WELL have been missing several comeback goals (hem hem), but I soon got it back... in FRENCH! This made the whole thing feel DEAD sophisticated, and also meant I could tell when to pay special attention (as I was simultaneously doing the iRONING) by the rising intonation of the commentators. C'est bon!

The best bit tho - yes, even better than Posh's Actually Quite Good Goal - was when John Terry got sent off. I LARFED and LARFED and LARFED!

It was a marvelous, hilarious, end to a rather brilliant weekend. The only downside of it all, of course, was sitting around on Sunday evening with the GRIM REALISATION that I'd have go get up early for work next day. Oh well, only 51 weeks until Christmas!

posted 9/1/2017 by MJ Hibbett

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