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Blog: Socks And Cocktails

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Thursday night found me out and about in downtown ISLINGTON, where I was due to meet Mr S Hewitt. It seems weird these days when I enter a pub and DON'T see him sat at a table glaring at his phone with a half drunk pint in front of him. This occasion was NOT a weird one!

As other people arrived I went to get some drinks and ended up waiting TWENTY FLIPPING MINUTES as it was one of those pubs that a) serve cocktails but b) do not seem to train their staff how to do it and c) have only one person on at a time, so it took FOREVER or, at least, until 6pm when some other people came out of the kitchen to help. It made me GRUMPY!

Luckily for all concerned GRUMP was deflated by the fact that we were going round the corner to The Bill Murray to see The Scottish Falsetto Sock Theatre Company Do Shakespeare. I have seen The Socks MANY times but this was my first time seeing them anywhere outside of Edinburgh and with me anything but Quite Drunk. It turns out they are JUST as good Mildly Sober (i.e. VERY GOOD INDEED) and there was MUCH chortling, sniggering, and general GUFFAWING. It really is a very silly sort of show indeed, and I liked it a LOT.

I also liked the fact that the bar served St Mungo, the Only Lager Brewed To German Purity Laws Outside Of Germany as certain BORING and possibly WRONG people will tell you at length if you let me... I mean THEM, do so. It was LOVELY and may well have been the ingredient that allowed me to cope with not being in Scotland while I was watching. I would heartily recommend it, and The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Company, to ANYBODY, and if you can combine the two then all the better!

posted 27/3/2017 by MJ Hibbett

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