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Blog: Pubs Are GRATE!

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I've been back working in the centre of London Town for nearly six months now but my DELIGHT in it has yet to dim, especially on nights like last night when it meant I could leave work and, ten minutes later, be in The King & Queen!

I was there to meet my old chum Mr S Wilkinson, but on the way I bumped into another, newer, chum: Mr Ivor Game. Amazingly he was on his way to the same place, to take part in a night of music and poetry upstairs - there ALWAYS seems to be something going on upstairs at The King & Queen, all it needs is a hand-typed and badly photocopied piece of A5 with gig listings on it and it would be like The Magazine Hotel Leicester circa 1993!

Ivor said he was thinking about hiring a PR company to help him with his next release, and I related my DREADFUL experience with the one I hired to promote Regardez, Ecoutez Et Repetez all those years ago. On further investigation it turned out that he'd been in touch with THE VERY SAME PR company that I'd used, and so I was UTTERLY DELIGHTED to be able to give him the full details and advise NOT using them. It was MOST satisfying!

Ivor went upstairs to do his SHOW and Simon turned up for some PINTS and DISCUSSION on what was and wasn't wrong with The World Today, differing only on the subject of whether or not Weatherspoons pubs are "all right" (NB they're not). We also got to re-do "Shop Cop", an ongoing SKIT what we used to do 100,000 years ago in Leicester when we co-hosted The Casbah, a monthly student comedy club which ALSO saw the debut of VOON. I'd been reminded of it while talking to Mr John Dredge the other day, and was delighted to find that between us we remembered the whole thing.

A very pleasant evening was topped off by an offer to CHOOSE BEERS for the Totally Acoustic all-dayer that's taking place in August. "If you're going to be here all day I might as well get some beers on that you'll like", said CJ when I went to the bar. My eyes did that thing that Cartoon Characters do when they think of CA$H except instead of DOLLAR SIGNS it was PINTS that flashed by! This is going to be GRATE!

posted 30/3/2017 by MJ Hibbett

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