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The Bank Holiday weekend was meant to be a quiet one round at our house. We'd planned to watch THREE films over the course of the weekend, but this ended up being DRASTICALLY reduced to a couple of episodes of "Seinfeld", as our life became a SOCIAL WHIRL.

It all began on Saturday when The Shoes On My Feet and I went out for a STROLL round Wanstead Park, looking at BLUEBELLS, seeing a FOX CUB and also a CAT. During our wanderings my MUM rang to say that they were coming to London that evening to go to the THEATRE and had some spare tickets, would we like to go? So it was that, instead of watching "Hunt For The Wildurpeople", we rolled up at The Harold Pinter Theatre to see Imelda Staunton and Other Actors in "Who's Afraid Of Virgina Woolf?"

Here is my review: it was very well done but, personally, I don't know why you'd want to do it. The message seemed to be "Lying to yourself is a bad idea, and life can be difficult in middle age." I'm pretty sure I knew that already and did not need actors SHOUTING it at me for THREE FLIPPING HOURS. Flipping heck - the first act was all right, as it was at least funny, like an American Sitcom about VERY UNPLEASANT CHARACTERS, but it got less funny and MORE SHOUTY the longer it went on. On the plus side, we did have GRATE seats right at the back on the end of an aisle, so could get STRAIGHT to the bar (which was NEEDED), but overall I would say it was Not Much Fun.

Much MORE fun was the following evening's outing, when we went to the birthday do of Mrs M Hewitt. Usually for such events we try to go at the START - everybody needs people to turn up early for parties - but this time we rolled up FASHIONABLY LATE. I tell you what, I can see WHY people do that - we got to stay right to the END this time when everyone else was heading home and felt QUITE The Cool Kids! ALSO it was in a nice pub, in a basement, where we ended up sat nattering with both Hewitts. All it needed was a curry afterwards and we could have been in Edinburgh!

The actual Bank Holiday Monday didn't feature ANY socialising, but DID include us both doing a TONNE of stuff, in my case lots of VITAL, IMPORTANT PhD work (about Doctor Doom). Once again we didn't get around to watching a film, but that night's post-tea episode of "Seinfeld" (it's on Amazon Prime, we have watched LITTLE ELSE for the past month" was "The Soup Nazi", which was AMAZING and, frankly, MUCH better than any silly old play! Hoorah for TELLY! Hoorah for long weekends!

posted 2/5/2017 by MJ Hibbett

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