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Blog: Give Blood

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I was going to go on about myself a bit more today (on here? really?) but what with everything in Manchester I thought it might be better to temper that slightly with a suggestion that people reading this sign up with NHSBT Blood Donation. This morning I was looking a pictures of people queueing up outside blood donor centres, and how there's been so many that the centres have asked to stop people to stop, but health services ALWAYS need blood, and it's dead easy to book an appointment.

It's also dead easy when you go in, especially these days when they have SYSTEMS and INTERNET BOOKING and everything. It takes about an hour, so can be done over a long lunch break or after work (or during work hours if there's one near and they'll let you), and you can donate (or BLEED as they say when you're there, which makes it all sound Quite Daring) three or four times a year, which isn't much of a hardship. You also get FREE DRINKS (NB tea, coffee, or squash), and PROPER BISCUITS, also a bunch of people fussing around you for ages checking you're OK.

And of course, most importantly, you get to swan around afterwards feeling PRETTY GOOD about your... no, hang on, that's not the most important thing, it's that you're actively, constructively, ACTUALLY helping people who need help urgently. These days they even tell you which hospital your blood went to, it is VERY exciting!

So yeah, if you're feeling like you need to do something to help, sign up and get an appointment booked. You'll be helping people who need it and getting free biscuits as well. WINZ!

posted 23/5/2017 by MJ Hibbett

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