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Blog: First Time At Comic Con

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On Sunday I took a first tentative post-poorly step into the outside world when I went to MCM Comic Con London. I actually had a ticket for the whole weekend, but hadn't been well enough to go, and as it was I was only there for an hour, but that was long enough to leave a LASTING impression.

For LO! It was AMAZING! I have never really understood the point of cosplay before, but being in that gigantic MEGADROME surrounded by people dressed up it all became clear to me - this was a huge BEAUTIFUL coming together of people from all over the country, expressing their pride in themselves and their hobby and bringing JOY to each other with their amazing creativity. It really was BLOODY DELIGHTFUL to keep seeing Deadpools, Harley Quinns (there were a LOT of Harley Quinns), Manga Characters Who I Don't Know Who They Are and suchlike parading past. My favourites was a Luke Cage who'd brought his kids, and a Lego Batman who I assumed was happy to have his picture taken but then later realised that the GRIN was actually painted on.

I was in search of Doctor Dooms to see if I could talk to them about my RESEARCH, but the closest I got was a couple of Lokis. In all the excitement part of me thought "Well, if NOBODY has come as Doctor Doom then maybe, next year..."

The main thing I took away from it was how Properly DIVERSE it was. The common conception of comics fans is that we are all fat, white, middle-aged men, and though these people - MY people - were represented they were by no means in the majority. If anything, there might have been more women than men there, and people came in all sorts of colours and sexual persuasions. Seeing everyone wondering around so happily, freely, and proud of themselves was INTENSELY moving, and though all I did was walk up and down the halls LOOKING at people, rather than going to any talks, it was PROFOUNDLY moving. Roll on next year!

posted 30/5/2017 by MJ Hibbett

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