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Blog: Harvest Stomping

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We had a flipping LOVELY weekend this weekend just gone, especially on Sunday, and we didn't even have to leave our postcode to do it.

For LO! it was the Birthday of The Days In My Year, and this neatly coincided with a) GORGEOUS weather and b) The Harvest Stomp. This latter is SORT OF like a harvest festival that takes place in the Olympic Park, but more like a village FETE sort of thing. There's a stage with CEILIDH dancing, MORRIS dancing and local bands, various food stalls, and a LOAD of tents for things like food recycling, beekeeping, vegetables, JAM and so forth. There's also lots of STILT WALKERS and CHARACTERS i.e. people in odd costumes wandering round and ENGAGING with people. Sometimes this can be a bit annoying (a couple of weeks ago in the park someone pedalled past in a pretend canoe and was UNKIND about my lunch choices) but these ones were basically THRONGED with children looking at them. There were a LOT of children there this year - as The Day Of My Birth said, WORD seems to have got around about the park!

It was all rather delightful, and was made MORE so by the addition of a BEER TENT, which I don't think they've had at this event before. It was a very small beer tent, staffed by two slightly HARASSED looking chaps from the local Five Points Brewing Company, but they dealt with the EXTENSIVE queue fairly quickly, and the PILS was nice.

We topped off the day by going out for DINNER, recreating our evenings out in Belfast by going to the Premier Inn Bar (which, it turns out, has an AMAZING view of where we live) and then to Pizza Express in Westfield. ALAS they didn't have the Vegan Mozarella for the DELICIOUS Vegan Pizza (it actually tastes like a pizza, it's AMAZING) so we went over to STRADA instead, which was also dead nice. We felt quite SWANKY dining out, especially as it meant it only took us ten minutes to get home again, where we could watch a whole HEAP of telly.

It was a pretty flipping lovely way to end a flipping lovely day. Roll on next STOMP!

posted 25/9/2017 by MJ Hibbett

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