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Blog: Cologne Popfest

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There was much excitement in Validators Ranks yesterday as we were finally Officially Announced for Cologne Popfest!

We were invited to play MONTHS ago by Mr M Plaum, and arrangements were discussed in person at Indietracks way back in July, so we have had to keep this under our hats for a LONG old time. Our gigs in Germany have been some of our favourite EVER, so we're DELIGHTED to be heading back there. Such has been our excitement levels that we've spent the past couple of weeks PANICKING about getting our travel and accomodation booked but all Validators now have TRANES and PLANES booked, and we've got ourselves Ibissed Up for the weekend too. PHEW - it's only five months away!!

THRILLINGLY we now also know two of the bands we're playing with. Marcel outright REFUSED to tell us who else he was booking when we spoke to him, and we still don't know who else is planned, but we DO know that we're sharing the weekend with Chorusgirl and The Frank And Walters. I've been listening to Chorusgirl since the announcement and have found them to be GRATE (I don't think I've ever seen them, so doing so on the Friday night will be FAB), and getting to support The Frank And Walters is another step on our QUEST to FINALLY play with all the bands we variously wanted to support at The Princess Charlotte in the 1990s! Tim says that Prolapse already supported the Sultans Of Ping there, so this will signal CORK COMPLETION!

If you fancy coming, tickets are now available, but HURRY! As I say, it's only five months away, and people (us) are ALREADY getting the hotels booked!

posted 23/11/2017 by MJ Hibbett

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