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Blog: Back At The Workstation

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You find me today back at work after what feels like approx 17 months off. For LO! it was a flipping lovely Christmas round our way, also an ORGANISED one.

We seemed to spend MONTHS working out what we were going to do, so when the festive season finally rolled around it rolled smoothly, easily, and in entirely the right direction at all points. Last year most of our planning came to NAUGHT because everyone was POORLY, but this year health and intentions were maintained at all times. We saw all available family and friends, travelled hither and thither without problem, and spent the whole of Christmas Day Actual at home doing EXACTLY what we wanted. It was bloody GRATE! Highlights included a trip to Stamford (and a meal which accidentally featured an entire VEGAN MENU), a full Christmas Dinner cooked by ME, and a night at Heathrow (NB not flying anywhere) staying in a Premier Inn that had a covered atrium full of cafes, bars, and children in their pyjamas.

Now it's back to work, but also hopefully back to ROCK. All is quiet and still this week, but after that things start to pick up. I've got a SECRET MEETING next week to discuss the Big Secret Band Project, then a trip to Leicester for the traditional Validators Christmas Curry (yes yes I know it's miserable when WORK have their Christmas Do in January, but this is The Validators so it will be DELIGHTFUL). I'm also doing some more filming with Mr J Dredge ahead of the release of The Plinths' EP at the end of the month, and have a whole new BLOG about Doctor Doom ready to roll later this month. Later in the year there'll hopefully be a sequel to Storm House, a trip to Cologne for the inaugral Cologne Popfest, and even a new JOB for me in the Spring!

It is, in fact, going to be ALL GO, so maybe it's not so bad to have a bit of a quiet week to kick the new year off with. Needless to say, I will be going on about all of the above right here at intermittent intervals, and hopefully a few more things beside. I hope, gentle reader, you will be able to join me!

posted 2/1/2018 by MJ Hibbett

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