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Blog: Christmas Films

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I watched a LOT of telly over Christmas, which I believe is what The Baby Jesus would have wanted. For LO!, when the Shepherds watched their flocks by night, all watching BBC, did not the Angel of The Lord come down and switch to ITV?

The BEST thing I watched was That Bros Documentary Everyone Was Going On About - honestly, if you have not watched it yet it really IS as brilliant as everyone keeps saying it is, it's called 'When The Screaming Stops' and it's on the iplayer. Go and have a look!

A lot of the talk online was about how funny it is, which it definitely is (I'm still laughing at the bit about conkers even now), but it's also surprisingly moving - they're very open about their emotions throughout, but when they struggle to get it across to each other you just want to go and give them both a big hug. I also really liked the BAND bits - when Matt tries to tell Luke how an introductory DRUM FILL should sound, BEFORE they've even started playing the song, it reminded me of all the times that I... I mean, somebody very insensitive who isn't me... have done that sort of thing, and how AWFUL it is for all concerened.

Anyway, whether you've been in a band or not, liked Bros or not, or indeed had a sibling or not, it is BLOODY GRATE and you will kick yourself if it drops off the iPlayer before you get a chance to see it!

I did not, however, spend the ENTIRE Christmas period sat on my arse in front of the telly. Perish the thought! I also managed to drag myself out to sit on my arse in front of a cinema screen, when I went to see "Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse" and it was AMAZING! As with the Bros film I had read a LOT of reviews telling me how brilliant it was and, once again, they were CORRECT. BLIMEY! It was the most comics-y superhero film I have ever seen and, not coincidentally, also THE BEST. EVER! I loved the way it did all the really FUN stuff from comics, all the imagination and excitement and DAFTNESS, without feeling it had to get tied up in explaining every single aspect. I loved the fact that it ACKNOWLEDGED how many times we've seen the Origin Story and then did each separate Spider-Person's story in a very All Star Superman way i.e. cut to the absolute essentials. I also loved the way it put Actual Comics in, like Kirby Dots or the Bill Sienkiewicz version of The Kingpin, and most of all the way it took an existing story and MANGLED it to make it BETTER for film but also using the MADDEST ideas, and wrapped the whole thing up with LOADS of a) actual proper jokes b) actual proper action and c) actual proper EMOTION. Goodness me, I believe I cried AT LEAST 3 times during the film!

Go and see it! It is GRATE!

posted 7/1/2019 by MJ Hibbett

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