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Blog: Collaborative Curries

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The Validators are world-renowned for their rock and roll excesses, crazy lifestyles, and "don't give a flip" attitude, but, beneath that surface layer of sheer 100% punk rock, it may surprise you to learn that we can also on occasion be Quite Organised.

This was evidenced a few days ago when everyone received an email from Mr FA Machine with SIX agenda items for discussion regarding our activities in 2019. Along with items about GIGS and RECORDING he also made the very VALID point that we had not yet arranged our Christmas Curry. This is an hallowed tradition, undertaken almost every year, generally just AFTER Christmas when we... well, have a curry. We also take the opportunity to have a Band Meeting too, and after Frankie's email several more items were brought up for the agenda, not least a BOOK SWAP which, I am sure you will agree, is about as flipping rock and ruddy roll as it is possible to get. Watch out, William Idol, there are some new crazy rebels in town!

We will thus be convening in early February to dine and discuss. Coincidentally this will take place only a couple of days after ANOTHER grand tradition with Artistic Collaborators i.e. a CAMDEN curry with Mr & Mrs Hewitt. Two curries in one week? No wonder Him Out Of The Libertines is looking worried!

posted 11/1/2019 by MJ Hibbett

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