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Blog: Marvel Movie Madness

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A couple of months ago I got all excited about Game Of Thrones coming back on the telly, and decided that the time was ripe for a REWATCH of the whole series! This thrilling idea got somewhat derailed by me having loads of other stuff to do, so that all I'd managed before the new series started was to read one of those "here is who everybody is and who they have killed/shagged previously" articles.

HOWEVER, in the week before Easter I realised that there was ANOTHER long running series FINALE coming up which I COULD do a rewatch for i.e. The Marvel Cinematic Universe! We have ALL THE TELLY in our house, so I knew it was do-able, and a glance at my diary showed me I actually had some FREE TIME available in which to get it done. So it was that I sat myself down on the sofa and over the course of the Easter weekend watched a total of FIVE Marvel films i.e. "Avengers", "Avengers Age Of Ultron", "Captain America Civil War", "Thor Ragnorak" and "Avengers Infinity War". The three Avengers films were chosen because OBVIOUSLY they are Avengers films, with Civil War and the Thor one basically being two halves of another Avengers film. I have now completed this re-watch and have the following INSIGHTS to give: As you can probably gather I REALLY REALLY enjoyed it, much more than I thought I would, and have now booked myself a ticket to go to the 06:30 showing at my local mega-cinema on Thursday. I am pretty sure that this is a BRILLIANT idea - I can't wait!

posted 23/4/2019 by MJ Hibbett

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If the poster is accurate then we definitely need to keep an eye on things that are up and a bit to the right.
posted 23/4/2019 by

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