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Blog: More Conferring, More Showing Off

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I've spent the past two days at ANOTHER conference, this time in the city of LIVERPOOL. It was not QUITE as interesting as the previous conference, as this one was about WORK rather than COMICS, but still it had its moments.

HONESTY forces me to say that the most fun bit (for ME) was on the second morning, when I'd agreed to do a "lightning talk" in a session where people talked about their experience using ELEMENTS, the computer system that we were there to talk about. There were meant to be six slots in the session, but just before I got up to do my bit I was informed that, out of the TWO people who had agreed to do it, I was the only one who'd shown up! Luckily for all concerned I don't mind a bit of showing off, and was this very happy to a) get some actual LARFS at 09.50am when talking about a computer system and b) share some of my INISGHT and KNOWLEDGE i.e. I always check our SYSTEM LOGS in the morning to see who's had trouble logging in, then EMAIL them with one of two standard emails to tell them what they need to do to make it work - I always think this helps stop people either PANICKING or going and telling all their friends that the system is rubbish and broken, and assumed it was Standard Practice, but a couple of people afterwards said they were going to start doing it themselves. Does this make me a THORT LEADER?

The rest of the conference was the usual mix of Interesting Things, Not Very Interesting Things, and Lots Of Biscuits. I'd gone up early on Tuesday morning and headed back straight after it had all finished on Wednesday, so didn't get much time to look at Actual Liverpool - I could have done some sightseeing on Tuesday night, but I had some FOOTBALL to watch. There has been a LOT of drama, controversy, borderline cheating, bad behaviour, dodgy decisions, ludicrous skills and general PALAVER about The Women's World Cup, and as this is EXACTLY the sort of thing I like most about International Football, I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. I must admit though, a little of the PAIN of England going out was taken off by the fact that it won't now interfere with our GIG on Sunday at Lesnes Abbey - I don't think the festival is quite big enough for a BIG SCREEEN TV to watch it on!

posted 4/7/2019 by MJ Hibbett

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