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Blog: Hello NTK Types!

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In between two trips to the pub, I just popped into work to check my email and stuff, and LO! It appears that more people have visited my website in the past HOUR than have done for the past fortnight, due to the delightfully fragrant people at Need To Know. Rather brilliantly they make me sound MUCH more Proper and ROCK than I actually am - especially about my forthcoming International Tours, also Critical Acclaim, which is EXACTLY what I need to think about before going off to see FAAAMILY down the pub. Showing Off, very much, AHOY!

And it's true about the Hey Hey 16K t-shirts too - they are SMASHING!

(oh yeah, and if you ARE a first-time visitor, and ARE sufficiently tantalised, you can always buy stuff at the online shop. Don't feel you have to though, it's lovely enough that you came by in the first place. Thanks, and have a nice weekend - I'm off to the pub!)

posted 20/2/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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