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Blog: You're A Tory Now, Out NOW

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It's been a long old time since The Validators last released anything new, so today I am DELIGHTED to report that we have a BRAND NEW SINGLE out, and that it is called "You're A Tory Now"!

It's all about the sudden shock you experience when someone who shares your background turns to THE DARK SIDE, and the ensuing realisation that, actually, you can probably still be friends. I'm basically saying it's a much needed call for UNDERSTANDING in this Divided Nation and should therefore be played on national radio ALL DAY.

The original plan was to release it NEXT year, as part of a SLEW of singles what we have got lined up, but there was always a worry that, what with the inevitable socialist utopia heading our way, there might not BE any Tories by then. Thus, when Mr FA Machine suggested we RUSH RELEASE it in time for the election we all thought it was a Very Good Idea Indeed, and so DID!

Sadly, due to broadcasting restrictions during elections, it will NOT be played on the radio (and that is the only reason it won't), so any mentions, tweets, posts or purchases would be VERY much appreciated. You can see it in the video above, and it's also available on our bandcamp page plus iTunes, Spotify, and all streaming sites.

I GUARANTEE that if enough people hear this track then there will be a change in government within TWO WEEKS. GUARANTEED!

posted 29/11/2019 by MJ Hibbett

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