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Blog: Christmas Time Is Here

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One of the great institutions of INDIE CHRISTMAS is the Very Cherry Christmas Album, which is now, incredibly, in its FOURTEENTH year! It's an annual round-up of indie types doing Christmas songs which has featured myself and The Validators on MANY occasions, and this year contains a brand new song from John Dredge & The Plinths called "Christmas Time Is Here".

Close observers of the above video will note that I am not in it - this is because it was filmed a couple of weeks ago when I had to do WORK, so John and Andy had to get in not one but TWO people to do my parts. YES that is RIGHT, it takes TWO (2) people to reproduce the intricate melodic complexities of my AXE WORK!

As ever, the album is available directly from CherryAde, and features a TONNE of top tune by other delightful people. They also have a PREVIEW TEASER that features glimpses of ALL the tracks in just over five minutes, which is well worth a listen:

This is SUCH a brilliant idea I think I might NICK it for our next album!

posted 9/12/2019 by MJ Hibbett

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