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Blog: If Only There Was A Pun About 2020 And Visions

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Over the holidays I very much enjoyed reading the gradual countdown of Mr John Kell's Top 100 Albums Of The 2010s, partly because it is a thoughtful, entertainingly written, big list of some records I know and like and others I don't and might, and also partly because I MUST ADMIT I was wondering if we'd be in it.

I was thus GRATIFIED to find that we're in at Number 18 with Still Valid, in the same group as Frankie Machine and The Just Joans (who I was UTTERLY DELIGHTED to see John comparing to ME!). However, the thing that REALLY got me thinking was where he says that it had been "a hugely prolific decade for Hibbett".

"Has it?" I thought. My OUTPUTS over the past few years according to me, have mostly been to do with the PhD and My Writing Career, with You're A Tory Now the ONLY actual ROCK item we released in 2019. It seems, to me at least, that not much has gone on for AGES, but then John goes on to say that my "output in the 2010s has straddled scripts for stage, screen and radio, at least one novel, four Edinburgh fringe shows and, oh yes, two albums with the Vlads". Oh yeah. When you put it like that, I suppose I have been quite busy - and that doesn't include doing a whole MA course and all the Totally Acoustic podcasts either!

Still, I'm hoping that the 2020s are going to feature a bit more ACTUAL ROCK in them. As I keep saying to anyone who'll listen (notably in this interview with The Fountain) we have BIG PLANS to release THREE (3) brand new Validators singles in 2020, in a THRILLING new format, and I'm hoping that we might even get to sneak out a Christmas one at the end of the year too. Who knows, we might even do some GIGS to promote them!

There will hopefully be some more LITERARY output too. Since I self-released my NOVEL back in 2018 I have signed up with an LITERARY AGENT and spent much of the past twelve months doing RE-WRITES on it until it was basically a whole other book and a half, with a new name, new characters, and even a couple of new JOKES! I did write a SEQUEL to the original too, although the first book has changed so much I'm going to have do do a complete DO-OVER of that, and in the meantime I've just started work on a NOVELISATION of Dinosaur Planet!

And then at SOME point in the decade I will be FINISHING the PhD. Last time I saw my supervisory team we'd agreed on May 2021 as a hand-in date, and I am DETERMINED to try and get it done by then, if only so I'll have time to finally do OTHER other stuff - I'd like to do some solo gigs, for instance, and maybe even turn the frown of Mr S Hewitt upside down with a new SHOW at some point.

There's also that wedding to go to next year too!

Most of all though, I'd rather like it if the FUTURISTIC SPACE HIBBETT of 2030 looks back to now and says "Poor foolish Medieval Hibbett of 2020! He had no idea that he would end up as Poet Laureate/President Of The Moon/Professor Of Doctor Doomology at Latveria University!" Let's see what happens!

posted 13/1/2020 by MJ Hibbett

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