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Blog: Tapes Ahoy

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This morning I FINALLY got round to sending out the last batch of tapes to my "Competition Winners" i.e. the people who voted in the "Select-A-B-Side" process for whom I have an address. If you voted and DON'T get one in the next couple of weeks, or voted and didn't send Steve your address, do please let Steve know.

I managed to dig out TAPES for everybody too, so everyone got a tape AND a copy of the AAS Compilation. For those new to all this, the idea was that people downloaded four songs which I'd recorded at home YEARS ago before The Validators had formed, and voted which one they'd like us to re-record for our next EP. Everyone who voted was promised EITHER a copy of the AAS compilation CD OR an old tape from my days of tape-only releases (confusingly tho, I found no spare copies of the actual tapes which the four songs came from...), and through RUMMAGING, as said, I actually managed to find enough to send everybody both items.

The tapes sent included:

"How Voon Is Now":
The only tape made during the "Chris Era" of Voon, when he replaced Neil. This also marked my first meeting with Kev Reverb, whose studio it was recorded in. Even then he was a lovely man, and gave me a lift home one night.
"The Legend Of Voon":
A compilation of unreleased Voon songs and live tracks. If you read VoonThe Curse Of Voon you'll notice that each section is headed with some song titles. This is where they came from, as the book was originally going to be sleevenotes for this tape, but it grew into a booklet as I remembered more and more Amusing Anecdotes.
"Your Haircut":
The first tape by The Council, the band Neil and I formed 24 hours after the end of the "Chris Era" of Voon - we thought the other members of Voon wouldn't notice, but I guess they must have... anyway, this tape is a bit rubbish really. All the songs are us being REALLY ANNOYED about things, and trying to solve them by SHOUTING. GRR!! The fact that some nice people were being inflicted with this item was what prompted me to include the CD's too, to make up for it.
"Parks & Gardens Department":
The second tape by The Council, this time recorded in a proper studio, with Mr Tim Pattison (even BEFORE he was Tim The Celebrity Drummer). It's still a bit rubbish and ANNOYED, but at least the Band Sound is MUCH more exciting, and the final song "Mind The Death [Gigant Suspensions]" is a very welcome return to JOLLITY and Imaginative Ideas, largely because we made it up in the studio, and made Tim do some backing vocals. PHEW.

Anyway, if you're getting one, that's what you're getting - thanks!

posted 26/2/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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