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Blog: Actual News For Newsletter Day

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I've just sent out this month's newsletter which, in a change from many recent newsletters, is PACKED with news.

A large part of this is to do with People Are All Right, which is VERY MUCH out and available for listening/buying. There's even a brand new video what I've just finished for 'An Office Ballad' which I am Quite Pleased With, right HERE:

There's also a few more ONLINE GIGS, news of my upcoming YACKING on Dandelion Radio and, rather excitingly, information about our RADIO FOUR DEBUT coming up on 11 May. It's on a show all about pebbles, which is possibly the most Radio Four thing EVER, and apparently it'll feature The Pebble And The Boulder from Say It With Words!

It is, in fact, a whole BATCH of news the likes of which we haven't seen for AGES. The only problem is, what on earth am I going to find to tell you next month?

posted 30/4/2020 by MJ Hibbett

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