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Blog: Totally Acoustic The Eighth

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Today sees the UNLEASHMENT of the EIGHTH edition of the Totally Acoustic Vodcast, which I must say is a Mighty Milestone I did not see coming. At the start I thought we might do three or four of them, at which point lockdown would be over and we'd all be back to gigs as normal!

This EIGHTH edition features not only Vom Vorton and Mikey Collins, but also a couple of acts slightly closer to home for me. The first is the Acoustic Club from Probus, where my Dad lives - he sent me a link of a video they'd all made together in the village and it was so lovely I thought I'd put it in the show, as you can see BELOW:

The other is of course The Actual Validators, in a video we have spent the past few weeks putting together. The original idea came from TIM, who suggested we do an Isolation Video for the new version of Mental Judo with us all playing live, and this developed to include a) Emma doing a new THIRD verse too and b) us also doing People Are All Right (if they are given half a chance). It took QUITE a lot of work to get it all together, not least syncing everybody's parts together (Tim played along to the recorded versions of both songs, and Mental Judo in particular was, to put it politely, somewhat ORGANICALLY TIMED), and I oscillated between thinking "This is amazing, we should do ALL songs like this" and "THIS IS A NIGHTMARE WHEN WILL IT END" whilst editing, but I think it worked out pretty nicely in the end!

posted 5/5/2020 by MJ Hibbett

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