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Blog: A Virtual Field Of Play

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Today is the day we UNLEASH the PENULTIMATE episode of this series of the Totally Acoustic Vodcast series, featuring Motorcade One, Non Canon and Fightmilk. It's dead good, as you can see from yourself below:

This morning as I was preparing for the UNLEASHMENT of the above The Code In My URL pointed out that I'd had to cancel two live Totally Acoustic shows and, in order to make up for it, had ended up doing ELEVEN virtual ones. She makes a fair point! Weirdly, LOCKDOWN has made me busier in the world of ROCK than I have been for YEARS - I stopped doing LOADS of gigs because a) travelling around so much was becoming less fun and so b) I stopped asking for gigs and thus c) people stopped asking me to do them, but now the travelling around has been removed entirely I find I CAN put myself forward for stuff again, and as a result people have started asking ME to do stuff as well. I do remember for YEARS thinking "I must never stop asking for gigs, or people will stop inviting me to do them" and being surprised by how quickly I was proved correct, but the turnaround in the other direction has been even more sudden!

It's like the Playing Field Of ROCK has been evened up in some ways, so that, for instance, you now DON'T have to live in That London to do certain gigs. It's evened DOWN (if that's the right terminology - let's say that it is) in other ways though of course. People who aren't me have KIDS and RESPONSIBILITIES and JOB WORRIES, while people who ARE me are INSANELY JEALOUS of people they see online doing gigs in their spare rooms, or even late at night in their living room. I live in a small flat with THIN walls, surrounded by many neighbours who are (like most of us) in ALL the time now, so my ROCK schedule is very much dictated by those sort of considerations, so I've had to say "NO" to a lot of exciting sounding things because there's no way I can do live broadcasts without annoying loads of people. On the plus side, it does mean that the world has been spared my much mooted "Hibbett plays loads of covers, drunk, after watching three episodes of Blakes 7" set. I fear that idea is just too beautiful to live!

In the meantime though there's plenty to be getting on with, including a (pre-recorded) slot this very evening in the first ever Museums Showoff gig. I wrote a whole new song especially for it!

posted 19/5/2020 by MJ Hibbett

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