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Blog: Is It Too Soon For Christmas?

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I am absolutely flipping DELIGHTED to say that A Very Cherry Christmas EP 2020 is out RIGHT NOW on bandcamp for you to stream and, hopefully, PURCHASE. Look, here is is!

As hinted a couple of weeks ago, this features a song by Jane and John, the new band that I joined during lockdown. It's called Is It Too Soon For Christmas? and, as you will hear above, the overall sound is SOMEWHAT DIFFERENT to things I've previously been involved in, but I do believe that it has one common element: it is GRATE!

All proceeds are going go to the Music Venue Trust to help struggling grass roots live music venues, and today is BANDCAMP FRIDAT which means that if you buy it today then ALL the money will go directly to MVT without the usual fees. I have just been listening to the full EP and can confirm it is RIGHT CHRISTMASSY and also ACE, so I would recommend you do so IMMEDIATELY!

posted 4/12/2020 by MJ Hibbett

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