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Blog: The Swingin' Sound Of Sixties Marvel

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Today I am ruddy DELIGHTED to announce the release of a new EP by myself and Mr FA Machine entitled "The Swingin' Sound Of Sixties Marvel". Look, here it is now!

As mentioned last time, this is a bunch of cover versions of supehero theme tunes which Frankie and I recorded for a presentation we're giving next week at the Transitions Conference. We'll be talking about how these songs encapsulate the way that Marvel comics worked back at the very start of The Marvel Age, including a couple of comparisons with other superhero theme tunes.

We've also put together a BANGER-LADEN Spotify playlist with containing about three hours of Superhero songs - have a listen!

We had a thoroughly jolly time putting it all together, so I hope you, dear reader, get a similar amount of delight from it!

posted 2/4/2021 by MJ Hibbett

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