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Blog: Gigs Of The Past - Back To Hull

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The other day I was having a look through one of my Drawers Of CDs And DVDs, specifically one of the ones where I keep stuff related to me and The Validators. These are relics of a fairly specific window in time when recording stopped being tapes, videos and DATS, but before it all went properly digital and online, so the stuff in there includes various rough mixes of things we recorded in the 2000s, our Actual Radio One Session (it's got the logo on it and everything!), and a few DVDs of gigs. I've often thought I should probably DO something with the latter and, inspired by the recent work of Sorted Supremo Dave Dixey in putting some of HIS mighty archive online, I thought I'd have a go myself.

THUS I dug out my USB CD/DVD drive, which thankfully still worked, and after various attempts finally worked out how to transfer the contents of a DVD to something you could upload to YouTube. It was really hard to get it working, but once I'd got it sorted it was PEASY so I did THE LOT! That means that over the next couple of weeks I'll be SHARING them with you. As I say, they're all from a fairly narrow window of time, between 2004 and 2008, but there's some fun stuff in there.

So, the first item is an almost complete recording of our gig at the Hull Adelphi in May 2004, recorded by the always marvellouos Mr Eddy Bewsher:

It was a FANTASTIC night - according to the original blog about it there were 150 people there to see us, which seems entirely unfeasible now, and was quite amazing then too. Rather wonderfully this era of DVDs also covers our very brief POMP when we were on the radio a bit, so there are audiences! We even got an ENCORE - it's not included on the video, which is probably for the best as it featured me forcing The Validators to play "I Can See Clearly Now" despite us never ever having playing it before. It still comes up in setlist conversations as An Act Never To Be Repeated!

Next time we've got a gig that we enjoyed SO MUCH that we paid ACTUAL MONEY for the video recording!

posted 26/4/2021 by MJ Hibbett

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