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Blog: Jane and John are BACK

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Those who follow the Jane and John Twitter account (i.e. all the GROOVY people) will already be aware that we a) are BACK and b) have a new single out next week!

The single is a double A-side featuring two GRATE new tracks - "Here At Last" and "Boing Boing". They're both sport-themed, with "Here At Last" being about events like the Euros and the Olympics FINALLY happening and us being able to celebrate them with PALS, whereas "Boing Boing" is a deep philosophical THORT-PIECE tied into a cunning tennis metaphor that has a chorus involving the phrase "Boing Boing" a LOT.

They are both BRILLO, and I'm really really looking forward to people actually getting to HEAR them next week. We have spent literally MONTHS working on them, HONING each track to be as FAB as we can make it, and I feel that the levels of FAB we have reached are HIGH. You can judge for yourself on Monday 7 June when it comes out, but in the meantime do check that there Jane and John Twitter account for more details and a big COVER REVEAL tomorrow!

posted 1/6/2021 by MJ Hibbett

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