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Blog: Here At Last is here! At last!

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Today is the RELEASE DAY for the latest single from Jane and John and I am QUITE excited about it. I always get excited on Release Day, and always give myself a stern talking to about it. "Nothing ever happens on Release Day," I tell myself. "You rarely get radio play on the day itself, and any Exciting Things tend to happen a few days later." I always nod obediently to myself at this point and then, as soon as I'm not looking, go and get ALL EXCITED again.

The single is a DOUBLE A-SIDE called Here At Last / Boing Boing and you can get it on ALL streaming services (e.g. Spotify, Amazon, iTunes) or direct from us via our Bandcamp page. It's a SPORTS-THEMED EP, with Here At Last being about how GRATE it is to finally be able to get together for events like the Euros and the Olympics, while Boing Boing uses TENNIS as a METAPHOR for LIFE. They are both ACE!

Both songs will have videos as well, with the one for Boing Boing being UNLEASHED a little bit closer to the start of Wimbledon. The one for Here At Last, however, is available right NOW, right HERE:

As ever, any shares, likes, mentions, or good old-fashioned usages in major TV coverage of international sporting competitions are very much appreciated. Both these songs have been a long time in the making, so I'm mostly just happy that they're finally OUT there for people to listen to - I hope you like them!

posted 7/6/2021 by MJ Hibbett

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