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Blog: Who Is This "Luke Smith"?

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Hmmm... I've just been reading about some chap called Luke Smith - the very marvellous Lovely Brothers are playing here in That London on Saturday night (at the Enterprise in Camden, in fact), and they'd asked me if i'd like to go along and KICK START the evening. HOWEVER, i already has PLANS, so they've got this Luke Smith chappy in, who somebody described to them as "The MJ Hibbett of Canterbury". NATURALLY i looked him up, and from what scant information i can GLEAN he seems to be compared to a) OTWAY and b) Ian Dury - i think the fact that he plays PIANO must have DEFLAYED the Inevitable Billy Bragg Comparison, but i might be wrong there. Anyway, am obviously FASCINATED and am going to try and track down more information. Perhaps he, me, and Chris T-T (oh! does the rhyming never cease?) should play a gig together and CONFUSE people as to who is the whom of where? Eh?
posted 20/2/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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