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Blog: Is It Too Soon For Christmas?

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As promised last week, today we have some Jane and John news, and it is this: today we're releasing Is It Too Soon For Christmas? as a single!

The song originally came out last year on A Very Cherry Christmas E​.​P. 2020, but due to Covid it was only released on Bandcamp. We still love the song, and feel that the question it asks remains relevant, so - with Cherryade Records' permission - we decided to release it ourselves on streaming services for this year. You can get it on Spotify, Amazon, or pretty much anywhere that does that sort of thing!

We've also got a Teaser Video (i.e. it's just a BIT of the song, not the whole thing!) which you can see BELOW:

As ever, likes, mentions, retweets and so forth are all very much appreciated, whether you think the answer is "Yes" or, correctly, "No it is definitely not too soon, bring me a mince pie immediately"!

posted 15/11/2021 by MJ Hibbett

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