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Blog: Recording Commences

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We had a fantastic night at Memphis Studio on Thursday. It was lovely to be back at Kev's after so long, to find that it was almost exactly the same as before (actually I think one of my beer cans from last time was still there...) except now he has microphones with little blue lights on, and a whole stack of new headphones. THUS me, Tim and Rob got set up in our own compartments in the live room, like a ROCK OFFICE, with headphones on so we could hear the words, and off we ROCKED. "Like A Sun In The Night" came out pretty easily, as did "City Centres" and "The Primal Rhythms Of The Bolivian Nose Flautist", and we took a few goes to get the best version of "Billy Jones" as we could, with Tim THRASHING the air as Rhythm Conductor. Kev was Quite Impressed with us. "That was almost tight!" he said.

Our only problem came with "The Fair Play Trophy" - I wanted it faster, but the SPEED collided headlong with the SWING, so poor old Tim got a bit confused. Rob took us in a Bow Wow Wow direction for a bit, and we recorded a slightly different version than normal. We listened back, and momentarily I considered either abandoning it completely or writing a whole new Football Song. We then went BACk into the room, had a big THINK and a LENGTHY theoretical discussion, and then did it in a whole OTHER way. It was JERKY!

All sounded brilliant in the end, so much so that we added HANDCLAPS, for the first time ever. I left with it all on CD, very happy, and ready to get going in a week or two on the overdubs. ROCK!

posted 6/3/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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