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Blog: In The Meerkat Family Stand

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Last week a Major Life Event occurred for me. After years of dreaming, hoping, and thinking it would wonderful if it could ever happen, one magical day, finally it has: for LO! my Peterborough United Season Ticket has arrived in the post!

It is a lifelong ambition that has, to be honest, come slightly sooner than expected. For many years I have promised myself that, come the day that I lay down my TOURING TROUSERS, I would replace Going To Different Towns And Shouting In A Pub For Thirty Minutes with Going To Different Pubs In The Same Town And Shouting In A Football Stadium, but I always thought this would be somewhere in the distant future when I had RETIRED. However, over the past couple of years what was once a MIGHTY TORRENT of GIGS has reduced itself to a BABBLING BROOK, and I felt that the time was right to finally take the plunge.

This decision has been helped along hugely by the agreement of Mr P Myland that he would move HIS season ticket so we could sit together - for the past few years, whenever I've gone to The Football, he has GALLANTLY made the trip into Peterborough City Centre midweek to sort out our tickets so we could sit together, so this will at least save him the trouble of that. I am hugely appreciative of it as a THING though, it is not something what one does lightly, and we did spend quite a while last season LOOKING at where to sit in The Family Stand for best a) view b) access to the loo c) distance from possible loonies.

My excitement was only DOUBLED however when I received my ticket and saw that the aforesaid Family Stand has been RENAMED, and is henceforth to be known as "The Meerkat Family Stand". I assume this is some DEAL that has been done with Compare The Market and am fervently PRAYING that it's going to involve a new MASCOT. We hardly have ANY mascots at the moment - just Mr Posh, his daughter Miss Posh, Peter Burrows (a rabbit), Mick George (a builder) and PB (another builder). A few years ago we also had The Giant Letter 'A' (a giant letter 'A') and Mattressman (a mattress) so it's all felt a bit deserted lately. Last time I went there was A PARADE OF DINOSAURS (NB actual ones, not the Directors) so I have high hopes that we are entering a new era when the stadium will be FULL of Delightful Characters. And also Barry Fry.

It all kicks off for me in a few weeks with our first home game, against MORECAMBE. If I tell you that the prospect of seeing us play MORECAMBE is filling me with excitement, you can perhaps understand how excited I am about it in general - this is going to be GRATE!

posted 11/7/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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Nicely done. And there's the added bonus due to the fixture planners of having Charlton away on Boxing Day as well!
posted 11/7/2022 by Warren

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