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Blog: B-Side Ahoy

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Earlier in the week I sent details of the new album to John The Publisher, who very sensibly asked what the release date would be for the album AND SINGLES. I had planned to do some VIDEOS but wasn't thinking of Actual Singles (and by "Actual" I only mean "Actual Digital Things On Spotify" rather than anything physical). I asked John if there was any point, and he suggested it was a way of driving interest and getting people to pre-order UNITS, so I pencilled that into the Launch STRATEGY too.

This was all fine and dandy, and I know exactly which track is going to BE the aforesaid single, but a small yet persistent part of my BRANE kept saying "Well, if you're paying a tenner to put a SINGLE on Spotify, you might as well do a B-SIDE hadn't you? Eh? Don't you think?" The only trouble with this THORT was that I didn't actually HAVE any tracks i could use as a b-side. Initially I had vague ideas about keeping four songs OFF the album for later use, but it all worked really nicely as 14 tracks (and even then it's only 33 minutes long) so I ended up using THE LOT.

"Not a problem", I thought, "I shall just record another song. How hard can it be?" And the answer is: not really very hard at all! It's taken me a few months, all together, to record the album, but an awful lot of that time was spent learning how to do things - stuff like how MIDI works, or how to get decent COMPRESSION, or record tracks directly onto my computer, all took AGES to work out but now that I know how to do it is PEASY.

Also, I had a couple of songs that I liked that only ever appeared on Hibbetts Hoover (which was a bunch of demoes and suchlike given away to newsletter subscribers a few years ago) so I listened to those, picked the one I liked most (which also, ENTIRELY COINCIDENTALLY, was the one I had the chords already written down for), and started recording it.

Here, now, 48 hours later I have it pretty much half DONE. There's still VOCALS to do and some tinkering and MIXING, but then it'll be ready to upload to emubands and we're DONE. It's all rather lovely really, and it sounds QUITE NICE too! Making ROCK: it's PEASY!

posted 28/7/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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