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I was up bright and early on Monday morning, breakfasted, and PACKED with nervous energy, before romping down to the station. The journey home was BANG on time - actually, it got into London EARLY - but felt like AGES, and when I got off the train I saw Tony Hadley, who'd obviously been in the first class, and more importantly The Heart Of My Joy, who'd come to meet me off the train. HOORAY!

We went for a beer, and LO! I was home again, and very pleased to be here. As I told her in the pub, I'd had an absolutely fantastic time. As I've said elsewhere, it really is a truly wonderful way to spend your time, going to all these different parts of the country, meeting new and fabulous people, having LARKS and ADVENTURES, and sometimes even getting to TOUCH people and make them a bit happier. ANYONE who EVER moans about going and doing gigs, or tries to make themselves look CLEVER by in any way demeaning the OPPORTUNITY to go out and do this should just stop it right now, and let those of us who LOVE it get on with doing it.

So this is just to say thank you to ALL the people who came, and especially to the entire Hectors Massive who were at all the gigs - I really appreciated all the effort that went into it, and was moved by the amount of LOVE that people put into it, and hope to see you all again very soon!

posted 9/3/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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