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Blog: Geneva

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Last week myself and The Mountains In My Range went on a trip to GENEVA, and let me tell you this: Geneva was AMAZING.

The first amazing thing about it was how EASY everything was. For example, when you stay at a hotel or suchlike in Geneva you automatically get FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORT, which is given to you via a QR CODE that your hotel sends before you arrive. That means that when you DO arrive you can get straight onto a CLEARLY LABELLED train without worrying about tickets or getting DONE by the Ticket Police, and then six minutes later you're in Geneva Actual. It also means that you are free to whizz around town as much as you like, which in our case entirely involved using the MOUETTES. These are little FERRIES which zoom hither and zither across Lake Geneva at intensely PUNCTUAL intervals, and we went on them a LOT because they were ACE.

The second amazing thing was how BEAUTIFUL it was. We didn't realise this when we first arrived as, unbeknownst to us, we'd got there in the middle of Le Nuit Est Belle when they turn most of the lights off for the evening. The next day, however, we wandered off to the lake and were STUNNED by how completely GORGEOUS it was. It's ACTUAL LAKE GENEVA, there were MOUNTAINS and BOATS and a ring of ye olde buildings and all sorts going on - if anything it was even more beautiful than what my poetical description suggests! It was also full of BIRDS, notably swans, ducks, millions of sparrows and also CRESTED GREBE.

The MOST amazing thing though was how UTTERLY LOVELY everybody was. It was really quite overwhelming at times, everybody - EVERYBODY - we met seemed to be completely DELIGHTED to see us, and eager to help in any way. It was like being ROYALTY or a Top Celebrity or something, as everywhere we went we were greeted with SMILES and just general loveliness. At breakfast the staff were all at it, the people who drove the boats - basically WET BUS DRIVERS - were super pleasant, and people in shops were GORGEOUS. One day we went to Subway to get a sandwich and the bloke there appeared to be in a bit of a grump, but as soon as we spoke he revealed himself to be WONDERFUL. It's hard to explain how astonishing it all was really, but we liked it a LOT.

We spent most of our time there wandering about looking at things, sitting on boats, and being greeted with GENUINE PLEASANTNESS by all of the Genovese. It was all so lovely that when we landed at Heathrow on the way back we didn't really mind the fact that we all had to stay on the plane for an HOUR due to there not being enough staff for anybody to extend the JETTY so we could get off. THAT was the extent of the GRATE MOOD that Geneva had put us in, it was BRILLIANT!

posted 3/10/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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