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Blog: Posh and Prolapse

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I had an EXTREMELY busy Saturday this weekend, as I was out TWICE on the same day. TWICE!

The first outing was to Peterborough, where Posh were playing our Local Rivals Cambridge for the first time in the league for over TWENTY YEARS. It is a proper rivalry with RUDE SONGS and everything, so there was much excitement in the air and, indeed, in THE PUB.

The game itself was objectively ALL RIGHT, though subjectively it was GRATE as a) we WON and b) it was via an HILARIOUS own goal, which caused much joyous jumping up and down, pointing, shouting and LARFING.

When it was all over I hot-footed it back to the train, then home for a quick shower before zooming off AGANE to go and see Prolapse doing a GIG in Hackney. This was the last day of their TOUR which, from Social Media, looked to have been going REALLY well. I rolled up at Stratford Overground station ready for my short HOP to Hackney Central, only to feel the DESOLATION of a sign saying "Rail Replacement Bus Services This Weekend". I went and got one and it wasn't TOO bad, but still: BOO to rail replacement bus services!

I arrived to find The Pattisons EN MASSE, which was delightful as ever, then went upstairs where I found Mr Jeff Higgott. We then went into the venue and found LOADS of other people, so there was much HELLOing and hugging and general Being Reunited. It was lovely, and in some ways it was a shame when the band came on and made all that NOISE to rudely interrupt it all.

Once we'd all got over that though they were BRILLO. They did ALL the hits and sounded dead good -it is AMAZING how sound systems have improved since I used to see them in The Charlotte back in the days of Queen Victoria - and the whole crowd flipping LOVED it. Surely - SURELY - it won't be another several years until they do it again? Come on, Major Festival Organisers, get them booked for the summer and force them to do more!

Afterwards there was much delight all around and more helloing, notably with Ms J Bisset who introduced me to her pal Miki. "Oh, you're THAT Miki" I said, as it was Miki from Lush (NB the band, not the shop). Truly, it was a night of CELEBRITIES!

After saying our farewells Jeff and I went off to find the Rail Replacement Bus back to Stratford, where he would be continuing his journey. We waited a while for one to come but ended up getting a normal bus as far as Hackney Wick. "We can walk from here peasily" I said with the great confidence of someone who's had a long day on the beer and has just met Miki From Lush. It turned out to be entirely do-able, but felt CONSIDERABLY further in the dark and slightly drunk than it does sober in the daytime!

THUS it was a quite WINDED farewell at the station, before heading home for a much needed second shower of the day. All of this social WHIRLING is a lot of fun, but it's flipping knackering!

posted 1/11/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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You should have come up for the Leicester gig-it was just like being in the Durham Ox in 1997 except that it was in the Y Theatre and everyone looked 25 years older apart from Linda who looked the same.
posted 4/11/2022 by DD

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