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Blog: Suffering For My Art

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On Monday afternoonI headed off to Theatre Deli near Liverpool Street after work , where I had once again booked a room to make some MOVIE MAGIC. Theatre Deli basically take over office space that isn't being used as such and rent out rooms for REHEARSAL, which is a GRATE idea and entirely perfect for my needs i.e. to have a Very Standard Room that isn't in my HOUSE in which I can record a VIDEO.

Last time I was there I recorded the video for Kenny's Brother Alan's Stag Do and got it all done so quickly that I didn't even need HALF of my alloted two hour slot. THIS time I had arrived determined to use the LOT, with plans for FOUR (4) videos!

The MAIN one was for Bad Back, for reasons we will be discussing in more detail later this week. My IDEA was to do something similar to what I did for Kenny, but this time with me doing BACK EXERCISES instead of INTERPRETIVE DANCE. I had thus arrived with some EXERCISE TROUSERS and a YOGA MAT, ready to FLEX. "This will be PEASY", I thought. "I do these back exercises nearly every day and they are GENTLE." Friends, it was NOT peasy and NOT gentle, as I had not factored in the fact that I would be doing eight different exercises for two minutes (i.e. the song length) TWICE (due to pretending to be two different versions of ME) for each and every one of them. I ended up doing about an HOUR of flipping exercises, which bloody wore me out, so I needed a proper sit down before doing anything else at all. I'm still aching today!

After that I did MUCH less strenuous filming for It's Hard To Be Hopeful, People Who Stand In The Door and What I Always Think While Watching Poetry. I had decided to try and do a very straightforward NORMAL video for It's Hard To Be Hopeful, so that involved me basically playing the song all the way through a few times while filming myself from different angles. The other two were pretty much made up on the spot, with me looning around in various ways which, I hope, will make some kind of sense in THE EDITING SUITE. As before, my mantra was "Whatever it is, that's what it is." It did make life a lot easier!

I'm planning to keep on releasing these videos at the rate of about once a week for the rest of the year, so as ever if you want to keep up with my RELEASE SCHEDULE do please go over and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

posted 2/11/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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You need to take a oortable green screen along to these recordings, so that you can add background effects in post and bring the MCU -- MJHibbett Cinematic Universe -- into being. Add a green screen to your armory TODAY.
posted 3/11/2022 by Imshynoreally

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