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Blog: Bad Back Single Cover Reveal

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As readers of the newsletter will already be aware, later this month I shall be UNLEASHING Bad Back as a single in a brand new MIX created by our very own Frankie Machine - the Osteopaths Of Glory Mix!

SIDEBAR: One of Frankie's main responsibilities in The Validators is Thinking Of Names For Things - I think the title of this remix demonstrates why.

The single will be out on all of The Streaming Services on Monday 14 November, and as it's a New Thing I'll be putting it up on Bandcamp too. It is something of a BANGER and I am pretty confident that it will go down well with the core demographic i.e. the intersection of the Venn diagram showing people who like DANCING and people who have bad backs.

It also has a new COVER, which modern marketing plans insist I must REVEAL. So here it is, REVEALED!

As you can hopefully see, I am folowing a THEME for these covers, and that theme is PICTURES OF ME. Again, I am resolutely sure that this can only be a positive!

posted 3/11/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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