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Blog: Fire Drill Proposal

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Today I have the great pleasure of unleashing the video for my song Fire Drill, the latest in the series of videos of songs from The Unearthly Beauty Of MJ Hibbett. Here it is:

As discussed elsewhere (notably my track by track analysis of the whole album for JOYZINE) this song puts forward the proposal that public safety would be better served if we had FEWER fire drills. In every job I have ever had, and indeed also when I was at school, the reaction to the fire alarm going off was a collective GROAN, followed by sluggish trudging towards the doors, often stopping to get stuff on the way because experience had told us this was CLEARLY NOT A FIRE.

My suggestion is that Fire Marshals should TELL us when there's going to be a drill. "Oh but then you would not behave as you would in a real fire," is always the answer to this from Fire Marshals. WE ARE ALREADY NOT DOING THAT is my furtehr response, ESPECIALLY on occasions when we've all seen you lurking around the entrance lobby GIGGLING to yourself. The purpose of a drill is to have a PRACTICE, so if you TELL us that is what it is then we can all be ready for it (so it doesn't bugger up long planned events, or lose HOURS of time during the day as everybody has to queue up to get back into the building) and will then WILLINGLY go along with procedures and do it PROPERLY, rather than with loathing and bitterness in our hearts. And THEN, when we hear a fire alarm when we HAVEN'T been told there's a drill, we will assume that it IS an actual fire and do it PROPERLY, rather than going to rinse our cup out, shutting down the computer, putting on our coat and so forth.

To be honest it is also borne out of being ENTIRELY FED UP of having to do them, but then again this is an echo of the PALPABLE GLEE of many Fire Marshals I have known over the years who love the POWER TRIP of forcing everyone out into the cold unneccessarily. For the good of everyone, I say it is time to put these tawdry considerations aside and reform the system once and for all!

posted 9/11/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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Unlike many of your other videos, youtube's autocaptioning does't understand this and just says "[music]" sporadically. Can you fix this? (I have to watch your videos on mute to avoud being shouted at.)
posted 9/11/2022 by not deaf yet

Rightio, I have added the lyrics to the captions thing and it is "Generating Timings". If the algorithm becomes sentient after this then I take full responsibility.
posted 9/11/2022 by MJ Hibbett

PS the lyrics to all the songs from the current album are also available if you click "... more" on the info bit.
posted 9/11/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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