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This morning I got an email containing the EXCITING news that the book Comics And Agency has been published. Obviously this is MOSTLY exciting because of the amazing array of BRANES involved in it, all with the aim to "intensify the interdisciplinary dialogue on comics and related popular multimodal forms (including manga, graphic novels, and cartoons) by focusing on the concept of medial, mediated, and mediating agency", but I must admit a lot of my own excitement is because I AM IN IT!

It will come as little surprise to anybody to find out that I am banging on about Doctor Doom as usual, in a chapter called "The Agents of Doom: An Empirical Approach to Transmedia Actors". It's an adaptation of a paper I presented at COMFOR a while ago, sharing some of the ideas behind my PhD and focusing on Market Authors and Textual Authors. I could tell you more about this here but there is NO POINT because the book is GOLD OPEN ACCESS so you can read it yourself!

I really am FLIPPING THRILLED about this - I've done loads of conference presentations, talks, and a few articles, but this is the first actual proper BOOK I've been involved in, and it is a CRACKER. Apparently I'll be getting a physical copy for myself too at some point - I CANNOT WAIT!

posted 12/11/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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The publishers don't pay you, but they do send you a single free copy of the work you did and that they charge for. brilliant.
posted 12/11/2022 by disillusioned

It's Gold Open Access so anyone can read it. But yes, I'm sure there'll be rolling around in the CA$H, especially when the movie deal gets sorted out!
posted 13/11/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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