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Blog: Bad Back UNLEASHED

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Today I am DELIGHTED to be releasing a thrilling new single, Bad Back (Osteopaths Of Glory Mix). It's a BANGING remix done by our very own Frankie Machine, and it's available on Spotify and all of your usual streaming services, including BANDCAMP right here:

As is my WONT of late I have also done a VIDEO to go with it, which is visible below:

Rather wonderfully Mr Steve Lamacq played the original album version on his 6music show on Friday, although I missed it because - TRUTH - I'd got the yoga mat out and was doing my back exercises!

As ever any tweets, instagram mentions, reviews or just shouting about it in the street would be VERY much appreciated, as I think this is pretty darn GRATE and would benefit from being heard about.

posted 14/11/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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A video album, with every track a promo? Two backup singer/dancers in sync with the lead singer? Why, this is peak Beyonce, going beyond getting rid of Kelly and... er, the other one from Destiny's Child, or the two backup dancers from Beautiful Nightmare, with effective COST SAVING. You are not Sasha Fierce, you are MARKJOHN VALID. And we are still awaiting the drop of the other half of your double album, showing the extent of your range.
posted 16/11/2022 by BrellaEllaAyAyAy

I was planning to claim it's like Duran Duran's "RIO" album, but I shall update my references accordingly!
posted 16/11/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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