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Blog: Into The Escape Capsules

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The HOT TOPIC over on twitter for the past week or so has been TWITTER ITSELF, as everybody discusses what's going to happen now that The World's Worst Boss has taken it over and is seeking to inspire his staff by telling them that a) free speech is the most important thing ever b) they all have to dedicate their entire lives to his glory c) anyone who disagrees gets sacked. Who could have predicted that THAT would backfire?

With all that going on many WISE HEADS have been looking at places to go to should Twitter collapse under the weight of Everybody Who Knows How It Works Being Sacekd. The lead place to do this seems to be Mastodon, and so I have joined the mad rush of people going over there to set up accounts. I'd originally set up an account four years ago, on the advice of my in-house Comms expert, inspired by Mr J Kell taking it, but now I've gone back and have been gradually ADDING stuff to it and even POSTING. If you'd like to follow me there you can find me at

Mastodon was not my first choice, however. Initially I had the DELIGHTFUL idea of just going back to MYSPACE, and did my very best to log back into my original account there. For some reason I wasn't able to get in - I tried "Forgot Password" but, three days later, nothing has come through. It COULD be that I used an old work email to set it up, but I don't think so. I filled in a FORM to ask for help but I guess I might not be the only one trying to get back in, so Justin Timberlake (he's the owner now I think?) has probably got his hands full.

So it looks like Mastodon is the place, and with that in mind I have added a LINK to it on these very webpages, which felt weirdly SERIOUS. In many many ways it will be a shame if twitter is run into the ground by the supreme arrogance of someone born into enormous wealth (it's not like THOSE GUYS have form for this sort of thing is it?) as it's been a GRATE place for learning about stuff and indeed SHOWING OFF over the years. If it does go though it might be a nice way for us all to REBUILD what we actually liked about it in the first place. If nothing else, getting rid of all the INCREDIBLY ANNOYING adverts that clog twitter up these days would be a BOON to all our lives - and it would leave lots more room for the rest of us to do our own, ENTIRELY CHARMING advertising instead.

Talking of which, I should probably go and do a POST on Mastodon to say I've done this blog shouldn't I? Hopefully it will make a nice change from everybody just talking about twitter!

posted 21/11/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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pretty sure you'll be threatened eventually by some scammers who email to say they've got access to all your passwords and accounts and provide your myspace password as their only proof, because that's actually all they've got. that's how I relearnt MY password. or you could just look yours up.
posted 30/11/2022 by myspaceroolz

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