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It was off to Goth Central for me last night, as I headed over to Camden to see The Fighting Cocks. Waiting for my Guiness to finish in the pub down the road beforehand, I was filled with the knowledge that if I wasn't actually older than everybody else there (and actually, I probably wasn't), I was at least the person most accepting of his own Age, also Wisdom, as the whole place was packed with people with greasy soho haircuts, stupid hats, clothes that looked like the cost 10% of what they probably did, and those rotten 2 week beards that these sort of "media types" appear to think is a good idea at the moment. As I was think "Cuh! What a rabble of riff raff" I noticed that the woman behind the bar had drawn a PENTANGLE in my Guiness, rather than a clover leaf. She looked at me noticing this, and suddenly became a bit embarrassed, as if a dissolute uncle had noticed her headbanging to Westlife.

Anyway, some of the "media type" NESS of the building must have worn off on us, as we came up with a GRATE new idea for the long in-development film DINOSAUR PLANET. "30,000,000 years ago, the dinosaurs disappeared. Now, they're BACK. GRAAAAGHHHH!!!!"

I'd pay money to see THAT!

Anyway, we went to see The Fighting Cocks, and it was a Working Model of WHY doing gigs is so very GRATE. Charlie Of The Fighting Cocks was distraught and distressed beforehand, as everything was going WRONG - there'd been no proper soundcheck, the P.A. was BROKEN, and things were running late. The usual sort of thing. He got more and more distressed, as it took about 15 minutes to find the right combination of sockets and leads for his guitar to start, and when the set began things flickered on and off and - my goodness! - there was some Language expressed between him and Matt the Soundman. Things got VERY INTENSE INDEED as the gig went on, and i must say it was all rather exciting and ACE. As things progressed this air of TENSENESS slowly mutated into a lot of fun, as things started going right, the girls got into it, and God bless him, Charlie started dancing. On the last song he was leading a polka through the audience and most of the pub was dancing along with him. Even I was JIGGING and a-bopping at the back. It was BRILLIANT.

Gigs are ACE, aren't they?

posted 1/5/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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