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Blog: Those Web Forums In Full

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One of the nicest things about all this web excitement is seeing people talking about Hey Hey 16K on forums. They always seem to follow the same, Actually Quite Moving pattern:

A Chap: Hey! Check out!!. It brought a tear to my eye!
Young Person: WTF?!? That suks ass
Older Dude: Pah! You are too young to remember, obviously. It made me cry!
Lots Of Other People Cor - remember Death Race 2000 eh? etc etc

And so on and so on - all over the world, we are confusing people under 26, making people over 26 BLUB, and causing an outbreak of the sort of mass nostalgia only usually seen in the PUB. It really is a beautiful thing to be happening, and i thank the Lord and, more pertinently, Mr Rob Manuel of B3TA that this is all happening.


posted 7/5/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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