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Blog: Ultimate Basil Brush

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I set off to Winchester yesterday afternoon, to play at a benefit all dayer. The idea was to raise money for the local hunt saboteurs to buy a new landrover engine. Now, I think this is a FINE and LAUDABLE cause - indeed, Hunt Sabs are, to me, the perfect political pressure group. They're ENTIRELY single issue (as far as i know, you don't get hunt sabs running down the river bank snipping the fishing lines), they actually put themselves in danger for something they BELIEVE in, they get positive results, and hopefully one day they will Actually WIN and be able to pack it in. They are BLOODY GRATE.

However, I do think someone needs to give them some help with their posters. On the door to the venue was a big full colour picture of a horribly mutilated fox - I mean, yes, I understand that it's there to make a point, but it didn't make you want to go into the room or anything. It's the same with the anti-vivisectionists I guess - I wonder if they stand around in town on a Saturday going "I don't understand it - people keep crossing the road and hurrying past with their eyes closed - I thought these terrifying photographs of appalling ill treatment would entice people over!"

ANYWAY, the gig itself was very nice - Winston Echo was dead good before me, then my set sort of RAMBLED a bit. Now that I'm used to my 5 hour sets I fear i may have CHATTED a little too much, and ended up having to cut quite a few songs out. Still, I did "Mental Judo" for the first time, and it seemed to go OK. Also, and most excitingly of ALL, there was someone there wearing a "Hey Hey 16K" t-shirt! ZANG! This was Very Exciting INDEED!

posted 10/5/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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