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Blog: Oh What A Night

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I had a GRATE night last night at the 12 Bar, it was the "Launch Gig" for "Shed Anthems", and it was ACE. Before the gig, whilst waiting to soundcheck, i got THE FEAR in quite a large stylee, but luckily The Beer In My Bottle turned up and took me off for something to eat, which calmed me MIGHTILY. We got back with about 20 minutes to go, just before a mighty RUSH of people appeared, and went and got themselves sat down - for some reason they'd set the downstairs out with seats too, which made it look even more crowded than it already was. Which was GOOD!

I was quite conscious of not doing exactly the same set again as last time I played, so had put a couple of Unusual and/or NEW songs into the UBER SET - here's what I did:
Things'll Be Different
Clubbing In The Week
The Girl Who...
Never Going Back To Aldi's
Hey Hey 16K
The Perfect Love Song
Billy Jones Is Dead
The Fair Play Trophy
The Lesson Of The Smiths
Easily Impressed

It seemed to go pretty well! People seemed to get into it and, most pleasing of all, "Never Going Back To Aldi's" went down REALLY well! HOORAH! Somebody emailed the other day to ask for the TAB to "The Perfect Love Song", so I thought I'd do it at the gig, and bless, when I'd finished everyone went "aaaah"! COOL! "The Fair Play Trophy" seemed to not go all THAT well, which is a bit of a TREND in The Live Arena, but "Lesson Of The Smiths" was GOOD, and "Easily Impressed" made pretty much everyone join in - SMASHING!

I bounced off stage full of JOY, and someone said "Are you doing an encore then?" I always think it's funny (both ways) when people do this - everyone looked at me, and I thought, surely, if anybody wanted an encore they'd have said so wouldn't they? I said "It doesn't look like it..." and suddenly there was a LOUD ROAR and BY GOLLY suddenly everyone was shouting and I went back on - FANTASTIC! After a quick POLL for possible songs I did "The Peterborough All Saints Wide Game Team (group B)", and i was OFF!

The band after me DASHED to get on, so i DASHED to get off and, imporantly, get some BEER. Aforementioned Food In My Fridge came forth with a HUG and a Handy Wet Wipe (i was VERY sweaty), and then the evening became a night of Wandering Around. It was LOVELY. Five CDs got sold (details of how to buy online coming next week, with The Shed Of Reknown!) and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves. I gave a free CD to a lady who'd been down the front smiling throughout - always appreciated! - and chatted to Claire Dicko from Kooba/XFM who seemed to like it, also to the various FAAAMILY who'd joyously arrived. Nick the Promoter seemed KEEN to have me back, so he might be doing a leg of the THEORISED Hibbett/Franke Machine/Hector Collector tour in September (more details when... er... I've mentioned it to everyone!), and joy and beauty shone around.

It was one of those gigs where I woke up at 6.30am next day thinking "WAHEY!" This is GOOD!

posted 28/5/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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