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Wow! We had a GRATE gig in Sheffield last night, it was BRILLIANT! After a delicious, easy soundcheck Tim and Emma went off to their HOTEL (i know), whilst Tom and Rob and I had a Band Discussion. It was a bit weird - there were a couple of these over the course of the evening, where we'd sit down and discuss Promotion Prospects, Recording Plans and Television Opportunites. It was WEIRD, like being a band off the TELLY or something, also rather EXCITING!

Chips were had (i had chips and "cheese", which they got from a Secret Place - if there was any CHEESE style cheese in it I would be AMAZED), beer was drunk, and the two divergent POSSES were greeted - from Hull and Sheffield came Mr Eddy Bewsher's POSSE, and from Sheffield and Environs came the Velodrome 2000 MASSIVE. It was ACE! We watched Pete Green, who did an ACE song about the need for bands to share their kit, and then missed Jim Taylor (yes, we were supported by James Taylor and Peter Green, it was like a festival in 1969) to discuss SET LIST.

For some months now Tim has been complaining about the set, that we always play the same sort of thing. This, as i have pointed out, is because we only KNOW a certain number of songs, but still it troubles him. THIS NIGHT, however, things were DIFFERENT, insomuch as we DIDN'T start with "Things'll Be Different"! Radical, eh? Strangely, starting with "Post Subsonic Bass" gave the set a VERY different feeling. If I'd know it'd be that easy to SATE Tim's needs we would have done it a YEAR ago!

So yes, we got on stage, and it was GRATE! I mean, really REALLY GRATE! The sound sounded fab, the room was sort of full (it looked that way to me anyway, i'll have no TRUCK with different opinions), and people knew the WORDS!! It was amazing - I looked out onto a room full of DANCING people singing along, again, it was like being a band off the TELLY! The whole thing was a JOY to play, and when we got to "Easily Impressed" I had a BIG DAFT GRIN all over my place as I too DANCED the night away.

For an Encore - and oh! let me never become BLASE about such things - we did Fat Was A Feminist Issue, including an INTERLUDE where Rob finally discovered that, after years of MOCKING him for going on diets, I had recently been on the Special K. This also led to my favourite EVER heckle, "No, you've lost quite a bit of weight". More like that please! Then we did "You Will Be Hearing From My Solicitor" and were OFF! There was a sudden RUSH, in which i sold 5 EPs, 1 Milk & Baubles and 1 Church Hall Of Sound (i'm typing that here so i remember to add it all up properly...) and then it was HO! for Crafty Lasty Drinks and much saying "Cor eh? That was good wasn't it?"

It was, indeed, a BEAUTIFUL EVENING. Less so was this morning, when I awoke at Tom's at seven o'clock so I could get the train home to feed the cats, but hey! Even that was LEAVENED by the knowledge that, by this evening, The Posts Of My Goal would be HOME again... even though I'm going to be in Brighton!

Did i say how good the gig was, by the way? It was FANTASTIC.

posted 12/6/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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