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Blog: On The BBC

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I was still knackered on Sunday when, as noted elsewhere, I spent lunchtime FEVERISHLY scribbling lyrics for "The Fair Play Trophy" (which, as promised, are now in the Song Blog). I got to the BBC early, so sat around for a while in the Waiting Area listening to myself being HYPED UP, before being ushered NERVOUSLY into the studio. Someone set up my microphones, and we were OFF! You can Listen Again all this week if you like, it was all RATHER jolly. Steve played "Things'll Be Different" and appeared to be singing along, we had a bit of an old chat, during which he asked if i'd just be doing the old version to start with - i wish i'd know I could have gotten AWAY with doing this! - then i LAUNCHED into the new version. It seemed to go pretty well, LO! there seemed to be some LARFS, and I found myself rather CHUFFED with the new version - COOL!

Afterwards we popped to the PUB, which, i think, was pretty good. I certainly enjoyed myself anyway, tho whether everybody else appreciated my opinions on a) The PRS ("They are ENDEMICALLY CORRUPT!"), b) Paul McCartney ("people will DIE from PLEASURE having seen him!") c) Why Bands Should All Have To Have Full Time Jobs, is open to question. They still seem to want me back next week though, HOORAH!

If only last night's game had had some kinds of incidents that I could write about, right kids? As it is, I can remember NOTHING about it. Nothing at ALL.

posted 14/6/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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