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Blog: A Promise Fulfilled

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As THREATENED the other day, i DID go out and buy Suede's first album, and it does indeed BLOODY ROCK. I was STRUCK by listening to it this morning how UTTERLY GRATE Bernard Butler's bits are - I'm not really the sort of person who AIR GUITARS a lot (or really cares much about lead guitar anyway) buy BY GEORGE i was ROCKING around the bedroom doing them solos this morning! Oh! The Faces Pulled!

The trip to buy it was riddled with rumness - i couldn't find it in Virgin, so looked around a bit, and saw a CD called "The Best One Hit Wonders EVER!" I was GLADDENED to find "Your Woman" by Number One Hitmakers White Town (feat. founder Validator Mr R.Fleay... on the b-side, but still). I was AFEARED 30 seconds later to bump into Rob's best mate GARY!! Down for the day from DERBY!

If that wasn't spooky enough, when the two of us got to HMV down the road, we came upon an entire CD display rack EMPTY ... except for one CD. Where there should have been 200 records there was... the first Suede Album! On it's OWN!


posted 27/2/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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