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Blog: Too Clever

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Another review just in for Shed Anthems, over at Splendid. Like that last live review, it's OK, some of it's really good, but it does have some Criticisms which, ANNOYINGLY, are Properly Argued so i, DAMMIT, have to listen properly to them rather than saying "PAH! He couldn't even spell my NAME right!"

I don't agree with THIS one either though - I'm INSTANTLY suspicious of anyone who says something is "too clever", especially in the field of MUSIC - it brings back memories of THE SCHOOLYARD and that, where you have to HIDE your real self in order to fit in with the crowd and get by. I tried (and, as anyone who knew me then will tell you, disastrously failed!) to do that for YEARS, as so many other people did, and I think it's taken all of us who were like that a LONG old time to get over it. Even now, when someone asks something that i know the answer to, there's a POWERFUL FORCE that makes me often pretend I don't understand, such is the FEAR of seeming "too clever".

There used to be LOTS of songs about this sort of thing... but anyway, yeah, as discussed with the Programmes On My Telly last night, I guess it's GOOD that these days we DO get reviews which aren't EITHER nice people we know raving about things OR nitwits slagging it off, RATHER people listening to it with Other Ears. It just takes a bit of getting used to I suppose! I bet BONO doesn't have to spend a whole evening DIGESTING every medium strength review he gets... although i bet Paul McCartney, somehow, still DOES.

posted 24/6/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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